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Unfortunately, in very rare cases, high doses of selenium can lead to the onset of defections that reduce fertility in women, damage the body rib and may also lead to gastrointestinal problems.For this reason, we recommend that you never exceed the doses and proceed step by step, especially when taking medication.Goji Xing Dal berries are handcrafted to maintain the vitality of the fruit and the absolute value of the components, and are packaged in semi-shade to avoid oxidizing light sources.The species Lycium Barbarum produces a sweet fruit with a juicy pulp.? one of the two species of Lycium with red fruits that are often found for sale under the name of Goji berries; the other species is Lycium Chinense.Potterat O.Goji (Lycium barbarum and L. Chinense): Phytochemistry, pharmacology and safety in the perspective of traditional uses and recent popularity?Planta Med.

This vitamin is essential for good vision, cell differentiation, growth, maintenance and repair of tissues.Selenium (antioxidant mineral par excellence) in Goji berries the quantity of this element satisfies 100% of the recommended daily dose.You can also start producing your own berries for their pleasant taste, priceless benefits and the pleasure of staying in touch with the earth.As we have seen, therefore, the Goji berries have contraindications mainly regarding the interaction with particular drugs in the presence of certain pathologies.To give a trivial example, the tomato grown in Sicily and in Lombardy will have different characteristics, at least due to the different climatic conditions.This is a real relief for people suffering from anemia.To keep eyesight healthy.The intake of vitamin C can help to improve iron absorption, increasing its health benefits.

Observe first.This is why, before associating the consumption of goji berries with the use of hypoglycemic drugs, it is useful to consult a diabetes therapist, in order to avoid contraindications that cause unpleasant effects.For this reason, we must bear in mind that you will need space to develop your roots.Step 6.As soon as the seeds sprout, move the seed mill into a sunny position to grow.In China they are also used to produce a fermented alcoholic beverage with a characteristic taste, called Gouqi jiu?However, it is not because of the tasty organoleptic properties that Goji berries have been widely used in recent years also in Western dietetics, but because of their remarkable Nutraceuticals qualities.Usage: It is recommended to eat a handful of berries (around 20 grams) daily during the day.In the first decade of the year 2000 goji berries lived their years of glory.If you prefer to buy them, you can find them in a supermarket, in the form of dried berries inside the packet packed benefits envelopes, it reveals itself to goji berries palate sweet plants although they have a bitter aftertaste.

Then there are also the Goji Bacche di Goji bars that can be prepared at home in about fifteen minutes.It means that expanded clay must be used to avoid stagnation, but at the same time it helps to keep the soil moist.Goji berries can be eaten in a variety of ways.Goji berries, for some time now we have been talking more and more about the beneficial properties, in particular antioxidants, of this shrub of the same family of potatoes, peppers, aubergines and tomatoes.We would like to stress that Goji is not a miraculous fruit, but a food with real nutritional and health properties, which can help weight loss in a context of healthy eating and lifestyle.The people who live on these plateaus have been using these fruits for a long time, knowing their nutritional and healthy properties.If you buy fruit whose taste is not particularly pleasant, it is very likely that the fruit is not fresh.This quality is handcrafted and allows us to maintain the vitality of the fruit and the absolute value of its components.In addition, 21% of Goji's fibers, and it is known that foods with high fibre content lower blood glucose, because they slow down the absorption of carbohydrates.

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